Start investing (steps)




  • Go to the registration log-in plug and click join.
  • Accept Terms and conditions form acceptance at this point(pop-up to be displayed)
  • Confirm your identification details i.e. passport or ID number (please note no copies allowed)

How Much

  • Confirm the amount that you are interested in investing (not less than 50k and not more than 1million)
  • Confirm the investment period (1 month, 2 months, 3 months)
  • If funding a relative, please click on the link attached

Open a Bank Account

  • Open a savings account with Credit Bank Ltd or deposit your funds in the account pool.
  • Kindly confirm account details if you are not opening an account with Credit Bank Ltd Pay the annual subscription fee of Kes 1,000/-

Choose a Supplier

  • Monitor the site for opportunities that arise
  • Identify an opportunity and click confirm.
  • On acceptance transfer of funds is expected within 24 hours as the contract is engaged
  • At the end of the period funds will be paid back to the account

Start Investing

Interest Calculator

Return on Investment

  • Interest based on 30 days cycle irrespective
  • Based on payment cycle interest will be computed for a full month
  • Commission to Marks Rate pegged at 15% of interest computed

Interest of Funding

  • Interest based on 30 days cycle irrespective
  • Based on payment cycle interest will be computed for a full month
  • Commission to Marks Rate pegged at 1% of amount funded

Based on Risk Value

Return on Investment

Interest Rate:
Number of months:
Interest due:
Our interest due:
Interest payable to the investor:

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Fund an Entrepreneur

At Marks Rate we look to building small businesses in the country by meeting their funding requirements and in return offering a higher rate of return for your savings or investments. This is done through investors bidding for options on financing an LPO or discounting an invoice so as to free up funds for a small business. We negotiate a commission rate with the owners of the business for a specific transaction that is then posted for investors to bid on and you dont have to worry of you dont have the full amount as the system allows for crowd funding on the ssme

We understand the dilemma that we all face when it comes to dealing with friends or family members that need financial supprt for their business. We remove the hassle of dealing with them asking for financing from you and at the same time earning a decent rate of return on the funds they borrow from you. When faced with a financing request from a friend or family member, refer them to our site, we shall vet them and their request and advise you of the risks involved

We evaluate individual borrowers and grant the funding to entrepreneurs in need of business loans. You as the investor receive principal and interest payments based on borrower loan schedule. With Marks Rate, you are guaranteed back your money. In order to invest with Marks Rate, an individual investor must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account in Credit Bank ltd. In addition, investors can use a bank of their own choice.