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You finally received that LPO, Letter of Award or contract and now the hard work begins. Raising funds! Marks Rate builds on your pool of contacts by increasing the number of people you can raise funds to finance your order. And we do this without the need for security. Once we verify your details, it can take even less than one minute to raise a million shillings. We recommend that you have your business registered with us and not wait until you have a financing need. Our due diligence takes at least three days to complete as we get to understand your vision for your business and how we plug in to help you attain that dream. We believe it takes a village to build a business and we bring the village to you to help you build your business.

Start Borrowing
Step 1

Click join and accept on the Terms and Conditions form. To read, Click on register and then visit the "entrepreneur" tab. Confirm your identification details i.e. ID number, Company certificate of incorporation or business name, PIN number of the company and directors, current CR12, CRB report, Tax compliance certificate, AGPO certificate (please note no copies allowed).
*Pay the annual subscription fee of Kes 12,000/- to allow us to complete the registration process which involves face to face interviews with the business owners. Marks Rate will finance multiple LPOs or contracts running concurrently based on their viability.

Step 2
How much?

Confirm the amount that you are interested in financing (not less than 50k and an upper limit of Kes 5 million). Upload your LPOs or invoices for verification. . Marks Rate will contact the issuing company or organisation to confirm the validity of the LPO and the repayment period. We then negotiate a rate of return of between 2%-10% per month that will be passed on to the savers who finance you. Marks Rate charges 1% flat on the amount financed. The rate of return is pegged to your profit margin and where you try to keep it as low as possible we push for a higher rate for the savers. Be ready to negotiate hard!

Step 3
Open bank account

Open an SME business account with Sidan Bank Ltd at any of their branches. If you have an existing business account please note that we require you to open and maintain an account at Sidian Bank Ltd to allow for the facilitation of the transaction and reduce on the costs of moving funds. As your bank account is being opened Marks Rate will post your opportunity and you can confirm how much is raised to finance your order on the platform and by how many people.

Step 4
Delivery and payment

All deliveries are to be carried out with the Marks Rate Team and all payments to be routed to your Sidian Bank account. We understand the challenges of late repayments and we walk with you through the delayed payments and help you with the follow up where necessary.

Marks Rate does not finance any orders or contracts from the county governments or national government due to the issue of delayed payments. We do, however, work with specific parastatals and institutions that have been identified to pay their suppliers regularly and on time. We also decline financing orders from institutions that have a history of delaying payments and will advise of the same before engaging with you as the business owner. At Marks Rate, we reduce the strain of sourcing for funds and allow you as the entrepreneur to focus on your next client and the next transaction. We focus on being fair, transparent and honest. These values not only make us proud of the way we treat our customers, but also help us to set a new standard in financial services.

Funding Facts
  • Interest based on 30 days cycle irrespective.
  • Based on payment cycle interest will be computed for a full month.
  • Commission to Marks Rate pegged at 1% of interest computed.

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