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Is my money safe?

All savings invested are repaid on maturity regardless if the supplier is paid by then or not. We maintain a reserve fund that ensures all investors funds are paid out and all risk transferred back to Marks Rate. Your annual subscription fee paid when you join Marks Rate as a saver, goes towards building the reserve fund and ensuring the safety of your savings.

I always find all opportunities are already taken whenever I log on.

We advise you to check the site frequently as opportunities are taken up on a first come first served basis. Marks Rate only reserves opportunities for direct funding initiated by investors who want to work with specific businesses through our fund a relative/friend module. We encourage you to make referrals to other business owners to help build your savings through financing them discreetly.

Can I increase my investment to more than Kes 2M?

Opportunities to fund a business are restricted to Kes 2M so as to allow for opportunities to be spread out in a larger pool. At Marks Rate, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to grow their savings and not crowding out the smaller savers.

Am I allowed as an investor to directly deal with the supplier?

We highly recommend that all opportunities are limited to Marks Rate to avoid any future conflicts outside our financial village.

Can I open more than one account?

Savers and businesses owners are limited to one account only. We do recommend, however, that you maintain separate accounts for you and your family members so that you everyone focuses on the opportunities that they are most interested in. Please note that Chamas or investment groups are also not allowed to exceed the Kes 2m limit. We also encourage other businesses to take part in financing other businesses when they have the free cashflow to do so.

I have already obtained financing but I have additional requirements, can I be able to source additional funds?

All applications are dealt with individually and you can have as many live opportunities as necessary.

Can I be listed as a business and as a saver through the same business ?

Yes, it is possible to be both a saver and a borrower but this does not usually happen at the same time. We encourage businesses that have turned the corner with regards to their financing requirements to help other businesses grow in the same way through Marks Rate.

I am currently listed on CRB, how does this affect my application?

Funding requirements are managed on a case by case basis. Even if you are listed, Marks Rate will evaluate your application fairly and advise if you qualify based on this assessment. Additionally, Marks Rate helps entrepreneurs resolve negative listings so that they can be able to access credit in the future from other financial institutions.

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