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We build small businesses in the country by meeting their funding requirements and offering a higher rate of return on your savings.

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We understand the dilemma that we all face when it comes to dealing with friends or family members that need financial support for their business. Link them up to us and we deal with the hard work of confirming the work that they are doing.

Due Dilligence

We save you the time and hustle of investigating a potential investment by understanding the opportunity and giving you a summarised opinion to base your decision making on the investment.

What problem are
we solving

Marks Rate is bridging the financial gap between small businesses that are growing and individuals and businesses who want to build their savings and support the entrepreneurs around them. We are building a financial community that finances small businesses on their LPOs by pooling our savings to help them grow transaction by transaction. This is done in the same spirit of Harambee and focused towards entrepreneurs and being able to lend the small business at a negotiated rate and in a structured and convenient form without the need for security.

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