How it works

Marks Rate allows you to be a part of the growth journey for different businesses from the comfort of your phone or laptop. Once you register, you can confirm your participation by monitoring the site for new opportunities and making transfer from anywhere.

Start Investing
Step 1

Go to the registration log-in plug and click join. Read and accept the Terms and conditions form Confirm your identification details i.e. passport or ID number (Please Note : No copies allowed).

Step 2
How much?

Confirm the amount you will be growing (not less than Kes 50k and not more than Kes 2 million) If funding a friend or relative, please inform us by writing to us at

Step 3
Open bank account

Please note we only accept bank transfers as part of our requirements. You can choose to make transfers from your current savings account from any bank through Pesalink or open an account with Sidian Bank Ltd which will be your primary Marks Rate account. This has the added benefit of earning interest when you are not taking part in an opportunity

Step 4
Choose an opportunity (ies)

Monitor the site for opportunities that arise. Identify an opportunity and click confirm. Upon acceptance, the transfer of funds is expected within 24 hours as the contract is engaged. At the end of the period, funds will be paid back to your designated account.

Why Grow Your Savings With Us?
1. Build Small Business

At Marks Rate we seek to build small businesses in the country by meeting their funding requirements and in return, offer a higher rate of return for your savings. This is done by offering savers bidding the opportunity to bid for options on financing LPO(s) which in turn avails funds for a small business. We encourage you to take part in as many opportunities as you can, to not only grow your savings but understand the different businesses we work with.

2. De-risk Supporting Family and Friends Businesses

We understand the difficulty faced when it comes to dealing with friends or family members that need financial support for their business. When faced with a financing request from a friend or family member, refer them to our site and through our onboarding process for entrepreneurs, we will vet their request as well as allow you to take part in financing them.Marks Rate would have eradicate the hassle of dealing with them directly, while allowing you to earning a decent rate of return on the funds they borrow from you.

3. Reduced Investment Risk

We evaluate each business as per transaction, thus reducing the risk of lending to them to cover operational costs in their business. Savers are also guaranteed to receive their funds based on the schedule that is stated on each opportunity they invest in.

Investment Facts
  • Interest based on 30 days cycle irrespective.
  • Based on payment cycle interest will be computed for a full month.
  • Commission to Marks Rate pegged at 15% of interest computed.
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